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Once the twenty-four thrill seekers boardWicked Cyclone , they quickly climb the 109-foot hill to then zip along the track at maximum speeds while experiencing the feeling of weightlessness and a truly wicked ride.
The seven-car maglev - short for "magnetic levitation" - reached a top speed of 603km/h on Tuesday during what officials described as a "comfortable" zip along a test track near Mount Fuji, reports The Guardian.
Listen to Malcolm Frager's scintillating playing of Burleske (with Rudolf Kempe on EMI) to hear how it should zip along.
The pencil case clutch - with a zip along the top - is the bag to be seen carrying throughout the party season.
So there's a limit to how fast the particles can zip along, dictated by the energy of their unstable pion parents.
He's not commercial, doesn't pander to any market, his prose is not always accessible, it and certainly doesn't always zip along.
We can now zip along to the capital in two hours and eight minutes.
According to a report in National Geographic News, experts and entrepreneurs are looking at the potential of superconducting materials, which would allow power to zip along for miles with zero electrical resistance.
In the first race Glan Levit (Evans, Talgarreg) and Hilltop Flame (with young driver Bethan Perks securing her place in senior driving) were second and third while in the second the places were held by Sunnyside Geoff (Clarke Brecon) and Classic Man (Langford, Pontardawe), while Abernant (Greenway/Hardwick partnership) and Zip Along (Harries Llanllwni) made up the places in the third race.
It leaves the muzzles at 2,860 fps while generating 2,723 ft-lbs energy At 100 yards, it continues to zip along at 2,638 fps while retaining 2,318 ft-lbs of energy.
Another crackerfrom Karen, with zip along prose and interspersed 'e-mails' which make reading this a positive breeze, and a bonus of a free mobile phone charm on the cover.
Kids can also spring across a bog and zip along on a silken zip wire.
Nine four-car trains will zip along at speeds up to 50 mph, stopping at seven stations along a four-mile run.
The short, sharp movements of the close-ratio transmission allow you to zip along at breathtaking speed.