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zap out

Interrupt or delete unwanted parts of a television program or video, as in We've taped the show and now we can zap out all the commercials. [c. 1980]
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channel hopping

and channel surfing and channel zapping
n. using a remote control to move quickly from one television channel to another, pausing only a short time on each channel. I wish you would stop channel hopping! He spends more time channel zapping than actually watching.
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channel zapping

See also: channel, zap


1. tv. to shock someone. That fake snake zapped me for a minute.
2. tv. to kill someone. The stress from it all nearly zapped him.
3. tv. to impress someone. My big idea really zapped the boss. I may get a raise.
4. tv. to stun someone with an imaginary ray gun. He zapped me with a water gun.
5. exclam. Wow! (Usually Zap!) He said, “Zap!” indicating that he really liked the present, I guess.
6. tv. to defeat someone or a team. Fred zapped Britney in the spelling bee.
7. in. to zip or move to somewhere very fast. He’s zapping to the drugstore for some aspirin.


1. mod. tired; exhausted. I’m too zapped to go on.
2. mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. We all got zapped and then went home.
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