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zigged when one should've zagged

perfomed one deed when another deed would have been better; to do something inconsequentially different from another thing. I don't know why she complained. I guess I zigged when I should have zagged.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. How can anybody get so zagged on three beers?
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Rising from Desjardins purchase of Western Financial Group in 2014, Zag repurposes the insurance companys important outfit, BankWest, for a more agile, consumer-focused market.
David Raju, President and CEO of Zag Bank said, Like Desjardins, our principles for Zag are being there for the people, helping the people.
Zag is rising at a time when branchless incumbents like Scotiabank-owned Tangerine are battling new entrants like EQ Bank, another CDIC-insured offering.
Zag announces, and utilizes to its advantage, the notion that Canadians are some of the most indebted in the world, and that many of us dont know how to save properly.
The provision will be separately registered but act as a service to families accessing Zig Zags Children~s Centre and the surrounding area.
And the Zags already have signed 6-8 Sean Mallon of Spokane, considered one of the top 50 players in the country.
The Zags, who lose only Dickau, Hernandez and Reasons next year, are looking more like the next Nevada Las Vegas than the last Cinderella.
Gonzaga (21-5, 11-1) update: The Zags are the West Coast Conference regular-season champions for the fourth time in six seasons.