your heart sinks

heart sinks

(One) feels disappointed or disheartened. My heart sank when I saw that the meal I'd spent all day preparing had burned in the oven.
See also: heart, sink

your heart ˈsinks

used to say that you suddenly feel sad or depressed about something: My heart sank when I realized I would have to walk home in the rain. OPPOSITE: your heart leaps
See also: heart, sink
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Your heart sinks when your train is cancelled, so claim compo
Your heart sinks as a parent when you hear the news that it's never to be found again.
When you see a headline in a major newspaper about a "perv priest," your heart sinks.
Your heart sinks as you return to your car to see a yellow ticket stuck to the windscreen.
Your heart sinks when they are bought in for treatment.
IF your heart sinks when you open your credit card bill, or you're always wondering where your money goes, it's time to read Money for Life.