you wait

just (you) wait (and see)!

You will see that what I have told you or predicted will turn out to be true eventually. I know you're going to get that job, just you wait! Just wait and see, I bet Susan has completely forgiven you by now. You're going to regret the day you ever crossed me, just you wait and see!
See also: just, wait

(just) you ˈwait

used to emphasize a threat, warning or promise: Just you wait till your father gets home!I’ll be famous one day, just you wait!
See also: wait
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I would rather see a patient and say, `This is no problem; you'll be fine,' rather than have the conversation, `Why did you wait so long?
Finally, take advantage of traffic jams and annoying lines--really anything that makes you wait.
Consult our at-a-glance guide to NHS waiting lists in Wales and discover how where you live determines how long you wait.
The later you wait, the teacher supposed, the better the deals became.