look who's talking

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look who's talking

One is guilty of the same thing they have just criticized. A: "Kathy never pays attention in class." B: "Look who's talking! Just today I saw you reading a magazine during the lecture."
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Look who's talking!

Fig. You are guilty of doing the same thing that you have criticized someone else for doing or that you accused someone else of doing. Andy: You criticize me for being late! Look who's talking! You just missed your flight! Jane: Well, nobody's perfect. Mary: You just talk and talk, you go on much too long about practically nothing, and you never give a chance for any one else to talk, and you just don't know when to stop! Sally: Look who's talking!
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look who's talking

You're in no position to criticize, as in I wish Kate would be on time for once.-You do? Look who's talking! This colloquial idiom dates from the mid-1900s, although another version, you can't talk, is a century or so older.
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look (or hark) who's talking

used to convey that a criticism made applies equally well to the person who has made it. informal
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You can't talk against guns, you can't use accents - oh, for the good old days of `Life With Luigi' and `Molly Goldberg.
The book is largely this man's internal dialogue with himself,'' Selleck explained, ``and Elmore Leonard's dialogue is great, but you can't talk to yourself all the way through a movie.
You can't talk to them the night before the concert, but after the first half, it's party time.
The Prime Minister responded: "We know what happens - every week you get more desperate because you can't talk about the economy, you can't talk about unemployment, so you come here with fiction after fiction.
LG: (Silence) Me: I know you can't talk about your split from Mark but your PR is a friend of mine so I was just saying hello.
They all ask for respect but you can't talk to them so it is a waste of time.
Our meeting didn't even start, you can't talk to him, it's impossible, he's nuts," Klitschko said.
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