into the wide blue yonder

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into the wide/wild blue yonder

if you go into the wide blue yonder, you go somewhere far away that seems exciting because it is not known I have a sudden desire to escape, to head off into the wide blue yonder and never return.
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References in classic literature ?
And who, by your favour, Sir, may be the father of yonder babe -- it is some three or four months old, I should judge -- which Mistress Prynne is holding in her arms?
It's the gift of him that lays yonder, cold but joyful.
You shall do this,' said the old woman: 'to-morrow morning, at the first light, you shall go up to yonder mountain,' and she pointed to the mountain where you are now, stranger, on which the stone Witch sits forever waiting for the world to die.
Fellow,'' said Prince John, ``I guessed by thy insolent babble that thou wert no true lover of the longbow, and I see thou darest not adventure thy skill among such merry-men as stand yonder.
That knight whom thou seest yonder in yellow armour, who bears upon his shield a lion crowned crouching at the feet of a damsel, is the valiant Laurcalco, lord of the Silver Bridge; that one in armour with flowers of gold, who bears on his shield three crowns argent on an azure field, is the dreaded Micocolembo, grand duke of Quirocia; that other of gigantic frame, on his right hand, is the ever dauntless Brandabarbaran de Boliche, lord of the three Arabias, who for armour wears that serpent skin, and has for shield a gate which, according to tradition, is one of those of the temple that Samson brought to the ground when by his death he revenged himself upon his enemies.
After shutting the gate behind them, I pretended to return to the house, but I immediately went out a back door, and stealing along in the shade of the hedge, I gained yonder clump of elder, from which I could hear and see everything.
If I were a monk I should knock yonder and should have a good supper there, too; whereas, 'tis very possible that between the castle and the convent we shall sleep on hard beds, dying with hunger and thirst.
A weary and lonesome time yonder old couple have of it," remarked the old woman, smiling in the lady's face.
Well, my friend, I shall go over yonder, and with my forty men, I shall carry him off, pack him up, and bring him into France, where two modes of proceeding present themselves to my dazzled eyes.
Who is that smooth-faced, animated outrage yonder in the fine clothes?
Well," she resumed, "perchance 'tis that same gypsy girl who is dancing yonder, on the church square.
Behold yonder peasant tilling his field in peace and contentment
said the knight, "our good merchant of Southampton hath not played us false, for methinks I can see our ship down yonder.
And yonder, where sea and sky meet, stood the sun, like a large shining altar, all melted together in the most glowing colors.
Yonder is the grave-island, the silent isle; yonder also are the graves of my youth.