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hither, thither, and yon

 and hither and thither
everywhere; here, there, and everywhere. (Formal and archaic.) The prince looked hither, thither, and yon for the beautiful woman who had lost the glass slipper. The terrible wizard had sown the seeds of his evil vine hither, thither, and yon. Soon the evil, twisted plants began to sprout in all the land.
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thither and yon

there and everywhere. (Stilted or jocular.) I sent my resume thither and yon, but no one responded. The children are all scattered thither and yon, and it is difficult for them to get home for the holidays.
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hither and thither

Also, hither and yon. Here and there, as in I've been wandering about, hither and thither, or Ruth went hither and yon, searching for her sister. These old words for "here" and "there" are rarely heard outside these expressions, which themselves may be dying out. [c. a.d. 725]
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ˌhither and ˈthither

(especially literary) in many different directions: When you look down at the square, you see all the people hurrying hither and thither.
Hither and thither are old words for ‘here’ and ‘there’.
See also: and, hither, thither

hither and yon

near and far. “Hither” means toward the speaker. “Yon” is “far away” (as in “beyond” and “over yonder”). Put them together and you've got all the territory covered. Another similar archaic phrase is “hither and thither,” meaning this way and that way, or a state of utter confusion.
See also: and, hither, yon
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