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Particularly recommended are Triple-A, 10-year munis yielding between 5.
Bonds that mature in about 2 1/2 years are yielding around 4%.
At the time of first inclusion in the portfolio, Brascan was among the highest dividend yielding stocks on the TSX with a 2.
We are very pleased to work with Virage Logic to add this important part of the pDfx infrastructure, which is designed to help Virage Logic's customers increase their profitability by creating better yielding designs.
COM(TM) will prove to be a great product suite for our customers to add to our great yielding tool.
57% on a taxable investment to match the tax-exempt income from of a tax-free mutual fund yielding 6%.
Through its DBYI offering, PDF unveils an exceptional solution to address the challenges faced by a growing number of fabless IC makers in achieving higher yielding volume production swiftly.
We are seeing bonds that had been yielding 8-percent now yielding 9.
In the fourth quarter, higher yielding securities continued to do well relative to other areas of the fixed income market.