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No other guidance: Other than the two examples described above, the regulations do not provide detailed guidance for determining how to amortize debt issuance costs using a constant yield method.
Bad weather pushed 2003 yields down to near 1993 levels, and prices had to rise to ration the limited supplies.
The equality of fluorescence radiance is then equivalent to equality of fluorescence yield, [Eq.
Thus, by extending the yield curve with the portion of the corporation's cash that serves as core, you can garner a meaningful total return and yield enhancement over conventional 90-day money market instruments.
To keep yield rates growing, there must be cadres of researchers within the crop-raising countries to fine-tune breeds for local conditions.
Purchasing just on a yield basis is like buying a sports car and not knowing if it has brakes.
Generally, no deduction is allowed for the "disqualified portion" of the yield, which is the lesser of (i) the OID, or (ii) an amount computed under the following formula:
We believe rigorous, worldwide standards to measure ink and toner cartridge yields will help customers make more informed purchase decisions by allowing objective and accurate evaluation of print cartridge yields.
The issuer has to determine a "comparable" yield (i.
If you go out to the 11- and 15-year range in the muni market, you'll get more yield than you'd get with a 10-year bond, yet there's not much more risk for buy-and-hold investors.
By extending the investment horizon out to match the three-year cash requirement, the firm generated incremental yield exceeding 150 basis points.
NYSE: JEF), today announced the hiring of Kenton Jernigan, who joins as Managing Director and head of the firm's European institutional high yield and distressed securities sales and trading effort.
But, if there is anything like a window onto the future, it's the yield curve, something that makes bond investing more understandable as well as predictable.