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as yet

At this time; yet. No one has responded to my email as yet, so I don't have an answer for you.
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so near (and) yet so far

1. A desired outcome was nearly within reach, but some difficulty prevented it from happening. They reached the semifinals, only to have their championship dreams dashed by a crushing 4-0 defeat. So near, yet so far.
2. One is very close to completing or succeeding at something, but there is still difficult work to do before that can happen. I finished the rough draft of my master's thesis, but I still have to edit and proofread it. I'm so near to the end, and yet so far.
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there's life in the old dog yet

One still has vitality or the ability to perform certain actions despite one's advanced age. Did you see Grandpa out on the dancefloor? There's life in the old dog yet! I know you think I'm all broken down, but I can still hold my own when I need to. There's life in this old dog yet!
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mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small

Prov. It may take a long time, but evil will always be punished. Jill: It really doesn't seem right that Fred can be so horrible and dishonest, but he always gets everything he wants. Jane: Be patient. The mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small.
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You ain't seen nothing yet!

Rur. The best, most exciting, or cleverest part is yet to come! (The use of ain't is a fixed part of this idiomatic expression.) Alice: Well, the first act was simply divine. Sue: Stick around. You ain'tseen nothing yet! Mary: This part of the city is really beautiful. Bill: You ain't seen nothing yet!
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as yet

So far, up to now, as in No one has found a solution as yet. [Late 1300s]
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so near and yet so far


so near yet so far

You say so near and yet so far or so near yet so far to say that someone almost achieved what they wanted, but in the end just failed. It was a case of so near yet so far yesterday for Catriona Jones when she finished just one shot behind the tournament winner.
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there's life in the old dog yet

despite appearances to the contrary, an old person is still full of vigour, enthusiasm, etc.
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so near and yet so far

a rueful comment on a situation in which you have narrowly failed to achieve an aim.
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you ain't seen nothing yet

there is something even more extreme or impressive in store. informal
This expression was popularized by Al Jolson's aside in the 1927 film The Jazz Singer, ‘you ain't heard nuttin' yet’.
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not just ˈyet

not now but probably quite soon: I can’t give you the money just yet.
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there’s ˌlife in the old dog ˈyet

(humorous) a person is old but is still active and enjoys life: At 70 he’s decided to go round the world. There’s life in the old dog yet!I’m not too old to enjoy myself! There’s life in the old dog yet, you know.
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so ˌnear and ˌyet so ˈfar

used to describe a situation in which somebody is very near to success, but finally fails: He came second in the piano competition, only one point behind the winner. So near and yet so far.
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as ˈyet

until now or until a particular time in the past: an as yet unpublished reportAs yet little is known about the disease.
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Are we having fun yet?

sent. & comp. abb. This isn’t the fun that you stated or implied it would be, is it? Are we having fun yet? This is really dull. Gr8t d8t! AWHFY?
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as yet

Up to the present time; up to now.
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