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born yesterday

Extremely naïve, gullible, or unintelligent, like a newborn baby. Almost always used in the negative or as a rhetorical question. Don't think you can fool me with that old ruse, I wasn't born yesterday, you know. Of course I know that major political issues can't be fixed overnight. Do you think I was born yesterday?
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yesterday's man/woman

Someone who has passed the pinnacle of their career. Bob is never going to give up his cushy job—he's yesterday's man, and his next career move is retirement!
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be born yesterday

To be naïve or easily deceived. Often used in the phrase "I wasn't born yesterday." Oh, you expect me to believe that you've been in your room all night and didn't just sneak in the house a few minutes ago? Well, I wasn't born yesterday—and I heard the door open! Do you think I was born yesterday? There's no way that email isn't a scam!
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I wasn't born yesterday

I am not extremely naïve, gullible, or unintelligent. When one is referred to as "born yesterday," they are being likened to a newborn baby, who has no experience with the world. Don't think you can fool me with that old ruse. I wasn't born yesterday, you know. Of course I know that major political issues can't be fixed overnight. I wasn't born yesterday. Buffering videos are truly the worst. I wouldn't wish them on anyone.
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I need it yesterday.

Inf. an answer to the question "When do you need this?" (Indicates that the need is urgent.) Bob: When do you need that urgent survey? Bill: I need it yesterday. Mary: Where's the Wilson contract? Sue: Do you need it now? Mary: I need it yesterday! Where is it?
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need something yesterday

Inf. to require something in a very big hurry. Yes, I'm in a hurry! I need it yesterday! When do I need it? Now! Now! No, I need it yesterday!
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not born yesterday

Fig. experienced; knowledgeable in the ways of the world. I know what's going on. I wasn't born yesterday. Sally knows the score. She wasn't born yesterday.
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Yesterday wouldn't be too soon.

Immediately.; Right away. (An answer to the question "When do you want this?") Mary: Mr. Franklin, when do you want this? Fred: Well, yesterday wouldn't be too soon. Alice: When am I supposed to have this finished? Sue: Yesterday wouldn't be too soon.
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not born yesterday

More experienced and less naive than one appears to be, as in Don't think you can fool me; I wasn't born yesterday. This term gained currency from the title of Garson Kanin's popular Broadway play, Born Yesterday, which was made into an even more popular film. In both, Judy Holliday played a stereotypical dumb blonde who shows more common sense than her sophisticated acquaintances. [Early 1800s]
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not born yesterday

If you say that someone wasn't born yesterday you mean that they have enough experience to not be easily tricked. Listen, I wasn't born yesterday. This looks like a work of fiction to me. Note: This expression is often varied. For instance, you can say that someone must think you were born yesterday if they treat you as if you are stupid. They must think I was born yesterday if they think I'd fall for a trick like that.
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born yesterday

Naive or ignorant. Used in negative constructions: Of course I can use a computer; I wasn't born yesterday.
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References in classic literature ?
Pontellier's absence; it's a wonder Mademoiselle Reisz did not tell me; and your moving--mother told me yesterday.
Yesterday he was railing at the world at large, at me who certainly have not made it, at himself and even at his mother.
Then I understand that on your arrival in London yesterday you went out at once and bought a pair of boots?
In front of the house was a great stone trough, so she said to the child: 'Take the pail, Red-Cap; I made some sausages yesterday, so carry the water in which I boiled them to the trough.
And yesterday I could see that you knew nothing whatever about it, that your friend had died without telling you of his act of real and yet vain self-sacrifice
She dared not with a tone of her voice touch the facts of yesterday.
I notified the agency yesterday afternoon to send over a few samples this morning.
The cleverest detective in England spent yesterday under your nose at St.
Now I am friendless and alone; yesterday I was at home, in the sweet company of a sister, whom I shall ever, ever cherish!
I must own I felt so well content yesterday after the Shtcherbatskys' that I didn't care to go anywhere.
If the drivers knew them, or they admitted that they held that creed, they would not take them, no, though they offered large sums; and yesterday, people had been afraid to recognise Catholic acquaintance in the streets, lest they should be marked by spies, and burnt out, as it was called, in consequence.
The yesterday, which could never be revoked,--if she could have changed it now for any length of inward silent endurance, she would have bowed beneath that cross with a sense of rest.
You were waiting about here, yesterday, in expectation that this trial was coming on.
Yes, he had known it all, and understood it all; it surely had all been settled even yesterday at the moment when he was bending over the box and pulling the jewel-cases out of it.
And holding my nose, I went morosely through all yesterdays and to-days: verily, badly smell all yesterdays and to-days of the scribbling rabble!