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Someone who agrees to everything, seemingly without giving it a thought. Usually a derisive term suggesting that the person is a mindless follower of what/whomever they are agreeing to/with. You can't trust what Chad says, he's just the boss's yes-man. I doubt he has an original thought in his head!

yes (one) to death

To repeatedly answer questions with "yes," often because one is bored or annoyed. All right, stop yessing me to death and give me real some feedback here! My teenage daughter won't talk to me anymore; she just yesses me to death.
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yes man

One who always agrees with authority figures, in order to gain favor with them. Stephanie only hired Tim because he's a yes man and won't challenge her authority.
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Yes indeed(y do)!

Inf. Definitely yes! Tom: Will you marry me? Jane: Yes indeedy do, I will! Charlie: Did your horse win the race? Bill: Yes indeedy!
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Yes siree(, Bob)!

Inf. Absolutely!; Without a doubt! (Not necessarily said to a male and not necessarily to Bob.) Mary: Do you want some more cake? Tom: Yes siree, Bob! "That was a fine turkey dinner. Yes siree!" said Uncle Henry.
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yes and no

In some ways and not others, as in Did you enjoy yourself?-Yes and no, I liked the music itself but hated the conductor. This idiom, always a reply to a question, was first recorded in 1873.
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yes and no

partly and partly not.
1981 Brian Murphy The Enigma Variations ‘Do you believe that if you continue seeing me you'll be damned?’ ‘Yes and no.’
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ˌyes ˈsir!


ˌyes sirˈree!

(spoken, especially American English) used to emphasize that something is true: That’s a fine car you have. Yes sirree!
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ˌyes and ˈno

said when you cannot answer either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ because the situation is not simple: ‘Have you got a car?’ ‘Well, yes and no. We have, but it’s not working at the moment.’
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interj. Absolutely yes! (Always with a special intonation that holds the y on a higher pitch and then drops the pitch sharply. The word itself is not slang, but the word with this intonation is part of many slang contexts.) Yes! Exactly right!