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Technicolor yawn

n. vomit. (see also throw a Technicolor yawn. Technicolor is a protected trade name.) This horrible pizza will bring on a few Technicolor yawns if we serve it.
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throw a Technicolor yawn

tv. to vomit. (see also Technicolor yawn.) John stumbled into the living and threw a Technicolor yawn on the new carpet.
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References in classic literature ?
Then he stretched out his arms, and yawned in the face of the Council; but he was furious with rage and sorrow, for, wolflike, the wolves had never told him how they hated him.
Immediately the saw-horse moved, stretched its legs, yawned with its chopped-out mouth, and shook a few grains of the powder off its back.
Yet the Shovel was practically deserted, and the Virgin, standing by the stove, yawned with uncovered mouth and said to Charley Bates:-
In the thick of it he slowly raised his nose and yawned.
As the conversation began to flag, the Thief yawned terribly and at the same time howled like a wolf.
As for the men, it is unnecessary to say that the young ones smoked when they were not yawning, and yawned when they were not smoking.
Eternally he returneth, the man of whom thou art weary, the small man"--so yawned my sadness, and dragged its foot and could not go to sleep.
He yawned and went on shuffling about and about between the walls of his room.
Results showed that in Vienna people yawned more in summer than in winter, whereas in Arizona people yawned more in winter than in summer.
Nineteen chimps living in a research facility yawned when they saw the same action from chimps that they lived with, researchers and staff they had seen before and people who were new to them.
Each subject had to click a button every time they yawned.
In a recent study, students were shown videos of people yawning while researchers counted how many times they yawned in sympathy.
e In a recent study, students were shown videos of people yawning nt were deos awning archers w d WHAT A YAWN J Boosts alertness while researchers counted how many times they yawned in sympathy.
Most remarkably, a recent study at London University showed that the greatest incidence of contagious yawning occurs in dogs, with 72 per cent of the animals in one experiment yawning back when humans yawned at them.
According to an evolutionary psychologist, it is contrary to what had been heard informally; dog owners have claimed that they catch their dogs' yawns, but their dogs never yawned when they did.