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Technicolor yawn

n. vomit. (see also throw a Technicolor yawn. Technicolor is a protected trade name.) This horrible pizza will bring on a few Technicolor yawns if we serve it.
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throw a Technicolor yawn

tv. to vomit. (see also Technicolor yawn.) John stumbled into the living and threw a Technicolor yawn on the new carpet.
See also: Technicolor, throw, yawn
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By changing the alias number, Yawn was able to write checks and make ACH transactions that would not be posted or charged against her account.
There are a few different proposed mechanisms for how a yawn could lower brain temperature, according to Gallup and Eldakar.
Unlike us, foetuses do not yawn contagiously, nor do they yawn because they are sleepy.
The dogs' yawning might have reflected canine empathy with a human condition, or the dogs might have learned to yawn along with people based on positive feedback during previous experiences.
But only one in five motorists in Yorkshire always take a yawn as a sign to have a rest.
Some of the more scientific explanations of why we yawn are due to our physical needs.
Professor Provine said, 'When you see someone yawn you're initiating a chain reaction of biology, so whatever changes in our body are brought about by yawning are synchronised in everyone that's doing it.
To test 'fellow feeling' as an explanation for yawn infection Platek rounded up 65 volunteers who were taken to a movie theatre and there they watched films of people laughing, yawning or lacking in expression.
If you're like most computer users, the mention of disk partitioning produces either a yawn or an anxiety attack--a yawn if you've never heard the high-tech term (and you probably don't want to learn about it now) and anxiety if you're faced with the awesome task of partitioning your hard disk.
A muffled yawn might be an excusable reaction to learning of another show devoted to the Swiss wizard: There's a display of Klee at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a small forthcoming exhibition in Basel, and, less than eighteen months ago, a big survey in Edinburgh.
In the Six Nations Wales will get beat at least once and all those rugby writers will say what a catastrophe it is, the system's not right, yawn, yawn.
As you turn the pages, the cutouts grow from the small yawn of a bug to the big yawn of the "terrible tiger.
When we yawn we breathe in slowly and deeply and then let air back out.
Relations between Thailand and Myanmar in the northern areas soured last year when Thailand ordered closing of border checks that connected the northern province of Chiang Mai with Myanmar's Mong Yawn, which Wattanachai said is a new base area for the Wa minority in the northern state of Shan.
You yawn, too--even if you are wide awake and having a good time.