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In fact he should be hanged from the highest yardarm regarding the Wallsend shipyard.
But this time we'd hanged the expense from the yardarm (Lindblad's rates start at $3,490 per person, double occupancy.
In fact, those who like to toss back a few breath-freshening big ones once the sun is over the yardarm may find themselves running afoul of the law, according to a report on cnn.
In fact, those who like to toss back a couple of minty shots once the sun is over the yardarm may find themselves running afoul of the law, according to a report on cnn.
But if some politician in England, where they've almost left the 17th century behind had said this, he'd have been hanged from the nearest yardarm.
No surprise, then, that the tree between man and bird so resembles a yardarm, ideal for the use to which, we infer, it will shortly be put.
Clockwise from left, center, they include the yardarm at Camp Spearhead, unloading the gifts from a C-130 to a truck, unloading the truck at Camp Spearhead, and unwraping gifts.
The yardarm strains to spread a shroud" is nautical nonsense (since a shroud on a ship is not a sail but a rope).
The sailor was hung at dawn from a yardarm as the crew watched.
Following the inquiry, the Pontifical Council for the Interpretation of Legislative Texts, a bureau founded by John Paul II, issued a seven-point clarification that went even further out on the clerical yardarm.
Along the way, Short gives us a brilliant rhetorical reading of the excisions and additions from the first to the second American editions of Typee, a rhetorical defense of Mardi's hyperbolic style and how it breaks from Typee, the new claim that Redburn is a masterpiece of metaphor, fascinating interpretations of several Melville letters and of the famous fall from the yardarm in White-Jacket, an intriguing differentiation between Ishmael and Ahab based on their different views of time, a rhetorical exploration of silence in Pierre in terms of Nicolas Abraham's psychoanalytical notion of "anasemia," and a reading of the poetic rhetoric of The Confidence-Man (i.
Danforth's epilogue, describing how wherever he goes "strangers ask me about that week and how Clarence is doing," echoes Melville's conclusion in which sailors reverence splinters of the yardarm from which Billy was hanged "as a piece of the cross.
Grown men who smear paint on their faces, go out into the woods chanting weird incantations to the Yoruba god Hepwa, and blame their dads for the fact that they grew up to be utter losers clearly deserve to be hanged from the highest yardarm in Her Majesty's Navy.
his persecutors, the yardarm as the cross, the Lamb of God, and so forth--that had been treated only ironically in The Confidence-Man.
The court-martial, acting under regulations, found Billy Budd guilty and sentenced him to be hanged from a yardarm the following morning.