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Those homemade yard-sale signs popped up in the darndest places this summer, even among nice neighborhoods with freshly manicured lawns with two- and three-car garages.
Any solar lights could be used and this project is perfect for yard-sale finds.
The no-kill shelter, founded in 2003 by Trudy Charette, also accepts donations of food, cages, litter (the shelter uses wood pellets), toys, blankets, laundry detergent, bleach, bedding, hand sanitizer, towels and salable items for yard-sale fundraisers held by the shelter.
Sellers should make sure all items are marked clearly, and they should remove any yard-sale signs they've placed around the neighborhood immediately after the sale ends.
The 21,111-daily circ paper is combining data from Google Maps and yard-sale ads from its classified section.
Thanks to a yard-sale gift from a friend, I now stack those issues in my GRIT newsstand.
Kate Walter shares the trials and tribulations of a yard-sale widow, exclusively on Advocate.
SAN DIEGO - Like that tattered T-shirt that began the weekend in the yard-sale pile but mysteriously escaped to the closet and eventually the wardrobe again this morning, the Dodgers' playoff chances remain possible when conventional wisdom suggests otherwise.
The City Council on Tuesday will decide whether it wants to pursue changes to a municipal code limiting when and where yard-sale signs are posted.
So now we've got this big stump in Encino just begging for an official commemorative plaque before the yard-sale signs cover it up.
2--3) The West Valley teems with garage sales, and a bargain-hunter seldom has to go far, according to Helen Rawdin, who is proud of the treasures she's found in a quarter-century of yard-sale shopping.
Part of the Canoga Park astrologer's yard-sale philosophy: ``Here's how you do it.