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yak shaving

tech Small, seemingly-insignificant tasks that need to be completed before a larger one can be done. I know you're waiting on me for the software update, I'm doing this yak shaving as fast as I can!
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yak at

or yack at
v. Slang
1. To talk at length to someone without regard for his or her interest: My neighbors yakked at me about their new dog for over an hour.
2. To nag someone noisily or peevishly: Her parents yakked at her for getting home so late.
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yak up

or yack up
v. Slang
To eject some contents of the stomach by vomiting: He was so sick today that he yakked up his lunch. The dog ate some leather and then yakked it up.
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n. chatter; gossip. That’s enough yackety-yak. Quiet!


and yack (jæk)
1. in. to talk. Stop yakking for a minute.
2. n. a chat. We had a nice little yack and then left for work.
3. n. a joke. Don’t tell that yack again. It’s not a winner.
4. n. a laugh from a joke. The audience produced a feeble yak that was mostly from embarrassment.
5. in. to vomit. (Onomatopoetic.) Hank was in the john yakking all night.
6. n. cognac. (Streets.) My man, have some yak.

yak it up

tv. to talk incessantly or a lot. Why don’t you all just yak it up while I get ready to give the talk?
See also: up, yak
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More than 78,000 students, parents, and teachers have signed an online petition to shut down Yik Yak, which they call the new home of cyberbullying.
Unlike the Yak 52, the 50 was made in relatively small numbers and we now estimate that there are less than 30 Yak 50s left in the world that still fly, with the team having three.
Buffington and Droll released Yik Yak in November 2013, and within 5 months, raised over $1.
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Two Yaks rose to defend their bases, but were able to only to inflict minor damage on one B-29.
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He hopes Titan will have another first in July 2004 as the first zopkio to ever walk in the parade, much like Pashupati and Tara were the first yaks to participate in the hometown celebration.
Most Nerd YAKs prefer to remain static, looking at a computer screen, often for many hours at a time.
Puckett's spread wouldn't support a cattle herd, but it's enough to support the second-largest yak herd in North America, some 150 head.
Yaks are interesting, but there are lots of interesting things about Tibet.
I have two objectives: find a yak for hire, and videotape Tibetan refugees ho are also fleeing.
Kyrgyzstan had 85 thousand yaks during the Soviet Union and now it has 25-26 thousand heads.
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