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we was robbed

The victory, success, or optimal outcome we deserved was stolen or cheated from us! A nonstandard version of "we were robbed," often used ironically or humorously, sometimes stylized as "we wuz robbed." We would have won the game if they hadn't gotten that field goal at the very last second—we was robbed, I tell ya! People will no doubt flock to social media to scream that "we wuz robbed" after the outcome of the match.
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we wuz robbed

Also, we was robbed or we were robbed. We were cheated out of a victory; we were tricked or outsmarted. For example, That ball was inside the lines-we wuz robbed! This expression, with its attempt to render nonstandard speech, has been attributed to fight manager Joe Jacobs (1896-1940), who uttered it on June 21, 1932, after his client, Max Schmeling, had clearly out-boxed Jack Sharkey, only to have the heavy-weight title awarded to Sharkey. It is still used, most often in a sports context.
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Michelle nevah realize she left early until she wuz in her car driving halfway home and da guy on da radio said da time.
Even slavery wuz our strong place, and our hope; but the corners hed bin knocked out uv it.
xcpt u & me n the altr boys room :) <whts a grl doin n the altr boys room> Joey wuz alwys askin <i dont git it> poorboy joey
But nite times wuz the best times when wi hung roond thi lamp,
Oh how I would rush to vote for a party with the guts to say "We wuz wrong".
I is astin' you ef you done anyt'ing dat wuz wrong--dat wuz natch'ly wrong
Like naughty schoolboys protesting their innocence, the nation's footballers troll through their biennial 'We wuz robbed' routine in an attempt to blame someone else for their failings.
Hit wuz gittin' pert nigh close on to dark and I'se still bout a mile frum home.
He had uh boy dat wuz kinda mischeevous an' one time he made de ole man so mad he tole 'im to git out an' go where he couldn't never see 'im no more.
Truly," drawls the Duke in his single line, "this man wuz the son of Gahd.
In his master-opus "I'm da Guy Dat Found da Lost Chord," Durante would exclaim: "They sed Beethoven wuz crazy
Us passed de very fiel' whar Paw an' all my folks wuz wukkin', an' I calt out as loud as I could an' as long as I could see 'em, "Good-bye, Ma
When Shannon Cooley spent over three years collecting manuscripts for the anthology eye wuz here: stories by women writers under 30, published by Douglas & McIntyre, she set out to clearly transmit, with feminist bite and verve, the complexity of young women's lives.