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write a bum check

To submit a money order as payment when the account being drawn upon does not or will not have adequate funds for the order to clear. Primarily heard in US. My ex-husband was so addicted to shopping that, by the end of our marriage, he had started writing bum checks just to keep making purchases. Being in debt has always scared the hell out of me, so I've made sure to never write a bum check in my life.
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write on water

To have a fleeting impact, as opposed to a lasting legacy. People will forget these superficial pop stars in no time—their careers are written on water.
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That's all she wrote.

 and That's what she wrote.
Inf. That is all of it.; That is the last of it. Here's the last one we have to fix. There, that's all she wrote. That's what she wrote. There ain't no more.
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wrote the book on something

Fig. to be very authoritative about something; to know enough about something to write the definitive book on it. (Always in past tense.) Ted wrote the book on unemployment. He's been looking for work in three states for two years. Do I know about misery? I wrote the book on misery!
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That's all she wrote!

  (American informal)
something that you say when something has come to an end and there is nothing more that you can say about it We went out twice - once to the movies and once to a restaurant and that's all she wrote.
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wrote the book on

Knows nearly everything about, as in Ask Dr. Lock; he wrote the book on pediatric cardiology, or I wrote the book on job-hunting; I've been looking for two years. This expression is always put in the past tense. [Colloquial; second half of 1900s]
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That’s all she wrote

and That’s what she wrote
sent. That is all of it. Here’s the last one we have to fix. There, that’s all she wrote.
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That’s what she wrote

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Baraka: Yeah, but then I wrote it and they didn't like it.
This doesn't tell you much about criticism, but then I never wrote criticism in quite the same spirit that others did.
When I'm done writing for the night, I make a list of all the things I wrote about and a list of all the things I need to write about, or where I need to take the story next.
They wrote in greater number and brought a different consciousness to the issues.
The chairman needed a speech about strategic planning, so the strategic planner wrote the speech.
then I realize th at they're right, those two facts are the crux of the story, but I didn't see that when I wrote it.
I like what he wrote about, and I like the way he wrote.
Jordan-Henley) is convinced that the greater revision helped the quality of her students' work,'' Jordan-Henley and Maid wrote in a paper on the project, published in the Writing Lab Newsletter.
Larry Hardesty wrote in his article detailing faculty culture that "the wide-scale acceptance by faculty of bibliographic instruction has not occurred.
In a letter dated March 2, 1955, Langston Hughes wrote his longtime friend Arna Bontemps to congratulate him on the publication of Bontemps's latest children's book: "Lonesome Boy is a perfectly charming and unusual book.
This denial of service was Lorde's first experience with overt racism, and she concludes her story by describing how she went back to Harlem and indignantly wrote a letter to the president of the united states (not capitalized in Lorde's account).
For example, you wrote several brief scripts for the Science Museum of Minnesota.
The last four authors wrote summary/reaction journals to fulfill a course requirement.
Most of the focus was on the prompt and paragraphs students wrote using graphic organizers.
Using a convenience sample with 17 fourth-grade students in two classes in a rural West Texas elementary school, we found that when given time as the constraint, children were better able to stay on task and, in fact, they wrote more than students that were constrained by length.