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And yet the French statesmen and soldiers went on as if they knew he wasn't a wronged man but simply a wrong 'un.
The lane down which they followed him was one of those that seem to be at the back of things, and look like the wrong side of the stage scenery.
If it's white instead of black, and solid instead of liquid, and so on all along the line--then there's something wrong, Monsieur, there's something wrong.
But if you go forth, returning evil for evil, and injury for injury, breaking the covenants and agreements which you have made with us, and wronging those whom you ought least of all to wrong, that is to say, yourself, your friends, your country, and us, we shall be angry with you while you live, and our brethren, the laws in the world below, will receive you as an enemy; for they will know that you have done your best to destroy us.
The shape of that paper, my friend, was the wrong shape; the wrong shape, if ever I have seen it in this wicked world.
But I was all wrong from the very first, and horrible wrong has come of it.
I hate to have him do so, and tried to stop it, but went to work the wrong way, so we got into a mess.
I always make trouble by trying to help, and then letting out the wrong thing," sighed Rose, much depressed by her slip of the tongue.
The mystery of the noises was out now; Affery, like greater people, had always been right in her facts, and always wrong in the theories she deduced from them.
But the digging and shovelling and carrying away went on without intermission, until the ruins were all dug out, and the cellars opened to the light; and still no Flintwinch, living or dead, all right or all wrong, had been turned up by pick or spade.
1) But interest-based accounts of wronging face a significant challenge: we believe many acts constitute wrongs whether or not they set back an individual's interests.
Noted legal scholar Alan Dershowitz poses this simple yet profound question in his 2004 book, Rights from Wrongs.
Is it because I am feeling guilty and repenting for the wrongs committed by Hindus against Muslims?
ONE of the greatest things about life in America is that if someone or some organization wrongs you egregiously, there's always possible recourse through the courts.
Rightsland even had a motto which said, All wrongs become rights.