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And yet the French statesmen and soldiers went on as if they knew he wasn't a wronged man but simply a wrong 'un.
Thorpe at all; but I always hoped you would tell me, if you thought I was doing wrong.
You are so ready to beg my pardon I don't see why you can't beg Archie's, if you are in the wrong.
With the purpose of seeking her I turned to leave the room, but took a wrong direction--the right one
I trust he has done you no wrong, that you should be so hot against him.
If the person is still living, she may atone for the wrong.
We have been long expecting that you would tell us something about the family life of your citizens--how they will bring children into the world, and rear them when they have arrived, and, in general, what is the nature of this community of women and children-for we are of opinion that the right or wrong management of such matters will have a great and paramount influence on the State for good or for evil.
I confess I was wrong,' continued I, without regarding this bitter interruption; 'but whether want of courage or mistaken kindness was the cause of my error, I think you blame me too severely.
The lines go wrong on purpose--like serpents doubling to escape.
Square had no sooner lighted his pipe, than, addressing himself to Allworthy, he thus began: "Sir, I cannot help congratulating you on your nephew; who, at an age when few lads have any ideas but of sensible objects, is arrived at a capacity of distinguishing right from wrong.
I hate--I suppose I oughtn't to say that--but the Wilcoxes are on the wrong tack surely.
I returned with the articles in time to hear the Cockney hinting broadly that there was a mystery about him, that he might be a gentleman's son gone wrong or something or other; also, that he was a remittance man and was paid to keep away from England--"p'yed
Nobler is it to own oneself in the wrong than to establish one's right, especially if one be in the right.
Rankeillor's door to claim my inheritance, like a hero in a ballad; and here was I back again, a wandering, hunted blackguard, on the wrong side of Forth.
Neither of them gave full utterance to their sense of grievance, but they considered each other in the wrong, and tried on every pretext to prove this to one another.