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writhe under something

1. . Lit. to squirm with pain from being beaten with something. The sailor writhed under the sting of the lash. The child writhed under the pain of his spanking.
2. . Fig. to suffer under a mental burden. I writhed under her constant verbal assault and finally left the room. Why do I have to writhe under her insults?
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writhe with something

1. . and writhe in something [for someone or an animal] to squirm because of something, such as pain. Carl writhed with pain and began to cry. He was writhing in pain when the paramedics arrived.
2. . [for something] to support or contain something that is writhing. The pit was writhing with snakes and other horrid things. The floor of the basement was writhing in spiders and crawly things.
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serpens in acetic acid induced writhing test at various doses (100, 200 and 300 mg/kg i.
Acetic acid induced writhing test in mice assessed the peripheral analgesic activity of Portulaca oleracea.
In writhing test, a noxious chemical stimulus (acetic acid) administered intra- peritoneally resulted in abdominal constriction [18].
They're sort of like 19th-century S/M illustrations, full of beautiful naked bodies writhing and suffering," he says gleefully, "and it's very obvious the artist had a fun time drawing them.
Horrors like Koolhaas's absurdly writhing Chinese television headquarters in Beijing, Andreu's literally carbuncular National Theatre next to the Forbidden City, and P & T group's cardboard neo-fascist compositions slither off her pages.
The Columbian pop sensation suffered for her art and was left bloodied from floor writhing.
With Memorial Project Minamata, however, he to some extent relaxes his hold on the visual magical realism that has animated his best work to date (one earlier video, for example, featured the submersion of a writhing New Year's dragon puppet) and as a result the work becomes somewhat dry and muddled.
Bocca danced a writhing solo with a stepladder and a duet with Cecilia Figaredo in which the two dancers, topless, threw each other around the stage.
Surprisingly though, get those old bastards blitzed and they're the worst ones; so stinking sentimental, I can't speak for the others, but the blending of styles--the spastic energy that Josh and Betsy bring with their young, supple, writhing bodies--and the hold-it-down experience of the elder members is probably the only way Ibis fucking thing worked.
But he said he regretted his actions when she started writhing on top of him.
The analgesic effects of the hexane, methylene chloride and ethanol extracts of Miconia rubiginosa were evaluated in mice and rats using the acetic acid-induced writhing and hot plate tests.
Masked militia men shot three alleged Palestinian informers for Israel in a West Bank town square yesterday, and a large crowd quickly gathered to watch the wounded men writhing on the ground in pain.
However, here the poet's body responds by twisting, squirming, and writhing, movements easily seen as sexual passion, but a sexual passion identified with entrapment.
Navajo legend compares the 17-mile, curving mesa to the spine of a writhing reptile, but this snake will have a broken back if the proposed Paseo del Norte highway extension, being pushed by wealthy real estate developers and Senator Pete Domenici (R-NM)--the same man who helped create the national monument--is finally realized.