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Monkey Grinder Slap-bang next door to Writer's Block is another new entry in the Lark Lane directory.
He hadn't released music for a while and found inspiration for his writer's block while he was here," said Dubai-based DJ BLISS.
I call this film an autobiographical horror," says writer/producer, Signe Olynyk, who struggled with her own case of writer's block.
I once gave this entire explanation to an earnest group of college freshmen who had all suffered cruelly from writer's block.
From overcoming writer's block to using tarot methods to tap into sources of inspiration, TAROT FOR WRITERS links the cards to myths, legends, and keywords leading to wellsprings of thought.
A shame, then, that she's recruited underground hip-hop producers for her first album back from crippling writer's block.
With writer's block, I told Charles, one has to put pen to paper and write.
In the present, Alma Huebner, a Latina author living in Vermont, is trapped by writer's block, unable to finish her novel about the attempt to bring the cure for smallpox to what will become Latin America; this is the story set in the past, which features Isabel, the director of a Spanish orphanage.
But he has been suffering, he tells us, from a period of writer's block and the deadline pressure might help him to break through it.
With little or no work to speak of, time on his hands and a serious case of writer's block, the former Brat Pack member and ``Mighty Ducks'' actor took brother Charlie Sheen's advice and hit the road.
Take" Writer's Block Theme Song," a poem exploring the age-old writer's block conundrum from the perspective of an MTF.
RICKY ROSS of Deacon Blue is delighted he was struck by writer's block.
Described by designer Keith McIntyre as a "Scottish ceilidh in Swahili", the production follows the story of Donald Johnson, an over-worked writer suffering from writer's block.
In late December of 1968, as we were preparing our first issue for publication in January, Bill Moyers called to say he was experiencing writer's block on a piece he was doing for us and didn't think he could get it finished in time.
Initially, I had experienced a short bout of writer's block that prevented me from exploring this character's state of mind fully enough to keep writing.