write up

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write someone or something up

to write an article about someone or something. A reporter wrote me up for the Sunday paper. I wrote up a local business and sent the story to a magazine, but they didn't buy the story.
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write something up

to prepare a bill, order, or statement. Please write the order up and send me a copy. As soon as I finish writing up your check, I'll bring you some more coffee.
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write up something

also write something up
to tell about something by writing it We had such a wonderful trip, I wanted to write it up in my diary before I forgot a lot of details.
Usage notes: often said about creating a finished document: We have to write up the lab report for this chemistry experiment.
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write up

1. Write a report or description, as for publication, as in She's been writing up these local concerts for years. [Early 1400s]
2. Overvalue an asset, as in That accountant is always writing up our equipment, forgetting depreciation.
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write up

1. To write a report or description of something, as for publication: The scientist wrote up her discovery in a medical journal. I wrote the arts festival up for a local newspaper.
2. To compose a finished document from some set of notes: The clerk wrote up the minutes of the meeting. The professor wrote her lectures up into a book.
3. To draft some type of document: My lawyer wrote up a contract spelling out my rights and responsibilities. I forgot to write the questionnaire up before the interviews.
4. To write something to completion, especially quickly or easily: This morning after breakfast I was inspired and wrote up a little story about dragons. Once our script idea was approved, we went back to the office and wrote it up.
5. To report someone in writing, as for breaking the law: The police officer wrote me up for speeding. The cop wrote up the pedestrian for jaywalking.
6. To overstate the value of assets: The company wrote up its real estate assets in order to avoid a long-term loss of resources. The new accountant looked at the figures in the ledger and realized that the previous accountant had written them up.
7. To bring something, as a journal, up to date: The bookkeeper came in once a month to write up the account books. Once you update an invoice to the ledger, the computer automatically writes it up in the sales journal.
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