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I write because it would be irresponsible if I didn't.
ADR2 technology's superior error rates are a result of its ability to read and write all eight tracks at once, which makes it possible to distribute error correction code spatially, that is, both horizontally and vertically across eight tracks.
Throughout the day, I use my spiral notebook to plan meetings, take notes from a conversation with my boss, and write article ideas.
I find I can't write without having another text in front of me.
Like the other writers, Johnson did not always have a plan to write faith-based fiction.
By this logic, Invisible Man becomes the stable identity behind the writing of his story: He sits in his chamber, reflects on his life experiences, and writes his biography, the meaning of which is guaranteed by the referential stability and coherence of instrumentalized writing.
service, Chaney and others - children included - will take three to five minutes to write down their negative thoughts before setting them afire and watching them burn.
Early lessons of the CD-RW market have shown that users are far more interested in write speed and quality than in read speeds.
1975 - Bill Gates and Paul Allen write BASIC, the first programming language for the PC, and sell it to MITS.
I was not an art historian but I have always been a quick study, and the perusal of several art magazines convinced me that I could think as well as, and certainly write better than, the art critics working at the time.
If you want to stop procrastinating on writing projects, pick up a pen and write 10 minutes a day in a journal.
If the Liberty Bell is cracked, write A in space 2.
In the last chapter subsection titled 'The Secret Order of Hermeneutics and the Text of the World' he openly advocates his major agenda: "We write to understand.
For its superbly presented workbook format, A Practical Introduction To Writing Studies is very strongly recommended for all students as a comprehensively informative guide to learning how to write effectively.
Instead of outlawing abusive tax shelter opinions, the regulations provide a road map on how to write a tax shelter opinion that will be "blessed" as Circular 230 compliant.