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wriggle off the hook

To avoid having to do something, likened to a fish escaping from the hook of a fishing rod. My mom wanted me to help her clean out the garage this weekend, but I was able to wriggle off the hook, thanks to my away basketball game.
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get a wriggle on

To go faster. Those guys better get a wriggle on or we'll be moving boxes all day! I know we have to leave soon, so I'm getting a wriggle on!
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wriggle in(to something)

to wiggle and squeeze into something or some place. You will never be able to wriggle into that swimming suit. I can just wriggle in!
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wriggle out

 (of something)
1. . Lit. to wiggle and squeeze out of something or some place. She wriggled out of her tight skirt and changed into something more comfortable. The skirt was so tight, she had to wriggle out. She couldn't pull it off.
2. . Fig. to get out of having to do something; to evade a responsibility. Don't try to wriggle out of this. I won't let you wriggle out this time.
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wriggle out

1. To free oneself from something by turning or twisting the body with sinuous writhing motions: I tried to pick up the cat, but it wriggled out of my grasp and ran away.
2. To extricate oneself by sly or subtle means from some situation; worm one's way out of some situation: He always wriggles out of trouble by placing the blame on someone else.
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The big cat seems to have its prey in its grasp, only for it to wriggle free.
X-ray studies have shown that sandfish lizards (Scincus scincus) navigate such chaos with a wormlike wriggle, Goldman says, tucking in their legs and curling from side to side in S-shaped waves.
REMEMBER - if you're part of the Number Magic Project, keep your eyes peeled for the Wriggles family hiding among the pages of today's E ch o .
The project kicks off next week and on Wednesday children will be asked to scour the pages of The Western Mail to find members o the Wriggles family hiding among the newsprint.
By 1911, he was translating late Victorian fantasies, like Henry Scott Tuke's primly gay summer idylls of British boys sunning and bathing, into primitive rhythms a la Matisse, a feat performed in his dining-room murals for Borough Polytechnic in South London, where he depicted stripped-bare muscular youths swimming and diving in a sea of modernistic wriggles.
The second single to be taken from the much-applauded album Elephunk, Shut Up, is an up-tempo tune, which wriggles its way into your affections and has a deliciously more-ish baseline.
These are linked by a linear hall that wriggles along the steep rock slope into which the building is partly cut.
The larva wriggles around for a day or two at this level until a loose sheath of epidermal tissue encloses it.
1) Tina Keller wriggles through the narrow passage called ``Pancake Squeeze'' at Moaning Cavern in Vallecito.
TIGHT FIT: Britney wriggles out of her jeans on Bondi Beach yesterday; Picture: REX FEATURES; COOL: Singer takes break to catch a few rays; Picture: MORGAN/FAWCETT
The female wriggles into the flask-shaped flower, lays eggs, and dies there.
From the opening shot, in which she compulsively dusts her spotless Tunis apartment then wriggles a few smooth moves to a song on the radio, Lilia's complex personality comes out in action.
These men examined an elephant, and each reported back different things based on the part of the elephant they touched: It is like a pillar, it is like a pipe, it wriggles like a snake.