wriggle in

wriggle in(to something)

to wiggle and squeeze into something or some place. You will never be able to wriggle into that swimming suit. I can just wriggle in!
See also: wriggle
References in classic literature ?
Pain, pain and pleasure, they are for us only so long as we wriggle in the dust.
Thus far the elder traveller had listened with due gravity; but now burst into a fit of irrepressible mirth, shaking himself so violently that his snake-like staff actually seemed to wriggle in sympathy.
These dervishes respond to no laws of gravity or logic; instead they wriggle in perpetual limbo the naked denizens of some astral Last Judgment from which there is no release.
This, says Baum, indicates that hotspot locations change over time and that the high-speed jets that feed them wriggle in space much as a garden hose flops around when someone turns on the water full blast.