wrench from

wrench something from someone

to grab or twist something out of someone's grasp. The policeman wrenched the gun from Lefty's hand and called for his partner. Max wrenched the wallet from Jed's hand and fled with it.
See also: wrench
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It's obvious that what he could have done was simply close the door and not picked up a wrench from inside the house.
July 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The TechAngle Electronic Torque Wrench from Snap-on Industrial now comes with a new cycle-counting feature which gives critical industries important information to help track required calibration cycles of torque-measuring instruments.
The order prevents Wrench from abusing or threatening Blyth Valley Housing and Blyth Valley Borough Council staff or communication with the threatened employee.
The adapter keeps the torque wrench from touching the bearing cap and other parts.
Another twist on this invaluable tool is the Bionic Wrench from LoggerHead Tools, Chicago, Ill.
Securely and immediately tighten and loosen without removing wrench from pipe.
Mr Bal followed him, grabbed Martin in a bear hug and snatched the wrench from the intruder.
Dad can tighten or loosen fasteners with ratchet-like speed because there is no need to remove the wrench from the fastener between turns.