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Wrecked & Abandoned Vessel' (2011) XVI Art Antiquity and Law 297.
In July, a customised 458 with a pounds 65,000 Dolce and Gabbana interior was wrecked in a warehouse blaze at Heathrow airport after being flown in from Saudi Arabia.
2 : to bring to ruin or an end <Our picnic was wrecked by the rain.
Greg and Tony both have a couple wrecked race cars and they were just looking for too much speed.
The Wrecked and Abandoned Vessel, the Company shall now convert its salvor's lien into an interim award through this judicial process now before the District Court.
Sample artefacts from these newly discovered wreck sites indicate that we may have found an entire fleet of early Galleons that wrecked on their way back to Spain carrying the riches of the new world," said Robert Pritchett, chief executive of Anchor Research and Salvage.
The lawsuit alleges that the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and the California Highway Patrol failed to dispatch emergency rescue personnel despite being told of the crash in which 22-year-old Matthew Meyer died while trapped in the wrecked car.
There was further outstanding bravery by North-Easterners in the rescue of the crew of the Harriot, which was wrecked off the south pier at Sunderland.
TWO divers died yesterday while exploring a wrecked German warship off Orkney.
And inside, some of the 3,000 wrecked luxury cars, including BMWs, Saabs and Volvos, squashed between its decks.
In 1842, the merchant ship Caledonia wrecked off a particularly notorious stretch on the Cornish coast.
have confirmed research indicating that in the late 1500's three ships were wrecked near Colorados, and four in the vicinity of Canarreos between 1675 and 1720.
Two wrecked vehicles, teens in gory makeup, firefighters and sheriff's deputies enacted a mock car crash Thursday on the street in front of the school stadium and seniors were sent out to the fence to watch.
announced today that it has entered into a Letter of Intent to acquire all rights to recover seven ships wrecked in Chilean waters in the vicinity of Valpariso.