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wreathe (itself) around someone or something

[for something] to form itself into a wreath or circle around someone or something. The smoke wreathed around the smokers' heads, almost obliterating sight of them. The smoke wreathed around the green tree near the fire.
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wreathe someone or something in something

to enclose someone or something in a wreath or a wreath-shaped area. The trees wreathed them in a lovely frame. It made a beautiful photograph. The vines wreathed the campers in a gentle bower.
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wreathe something around someone or something

to form something into a wreath around someone or something. The smoke wreathed a ring around the old man holding a pipe. The cloud wreathed a huge halo around the tip of the mountain.
See also: around, wreathe
References in classic literature ?
asked Sara Ray seriously, wreathing the handle of her basket with creeping spruce.
But as I looked at him, the desire of laughter at my very lips, I asked myself: how many men could be found ready to compromise their cherished gravity for the sake of the unimportant child of a ruined financier with an ugly, black cloud already wreathing his head.
It was indeed quite preposterous, yet he saw it all with his own eyes--it was nothing less than Histah, the snake, wreathing his sinuous and slimy way up the bole of the tree below him--Histah, with the head of the old man Tarzan had shoved into the cooking pot--the head and the round, tight, black, distended stomach.
The mist, wreathing itself into a hundred fantastic shapes, moved solemnly upon the water; and the gloom of evening gave to all an air of mystery and silence which greatly enhanced its natural interest.
Dozens of dancers will perform, with children's dances and the coming-of-age wreathing ceremony beginning at 11 a.
The man kept wreathing in pain for 40 minutes," Dushyant Sinha, who was travelling in the same train, said.