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Q 34 per cent loathe gifts that are so poorly wrapped that it's obvious what's inside
Typically, presents wrapped by children are like a richly decorated birthday cake; they have a decorative surface, topped with layers of candies, pictures, stickers and toys.
Like a bulky long-distance parcel wrapped to withstand rough handling en route, the Reichstag sat in its open field as though Christo had just pushed it out of the door of a passing shuttle.
With the industry crossing the five-year mark, the number of wrapped vehicles returning to shops for removal is growing.
was the first restaurant chain in America to offer hot, fresh-grilled wrapped sandwiches.
They wrap because it is expected and as receivers, they like to receive gifts that are wrapped.
Focaccia can be kept at room temperature, wrapped in plastic, 2 to 3 days.
Wrapping big bale grass silage in green film helps to reduce losses and achieve a higher quality forage over bales wrapped in black film, according to trials carried out by ADAS Pwllperian Research Centre, near Aberystwyth.
Even if the film poundage is static, the number of pallet units wrapped in stretch film is still growing healthily.
Amid throngs of holiday revelers at Rockefeller Center today, Rodriguez out wrapped seven other gift-wrapping experts in the tenth annual Scotch Brand Most Gifted Wrapper Contest to earn the ultimate holiday prize: $10,000.
Overall, the best way to clean a wrapped vehicle is by hand with a non-abrasive liquid soap.
ALL WRAPPED UP: The holidays are here, and you know what that means - it's gift-wrapping time.
Consumers are telling us that they want the great all-natural Coleman taste made available in a frozen, healthy portion and individually wrapped product offering," said Chuck Fletcher, Coleman Natural Foods' Chief Marketing Officer.
We were the first fast casual brand to feature wrapped sandwiches, and over the last year, we've re-engineered and broadened our brand to provide the most flavorful and fresh grilled options available anywhere.
Chocolate balls - Milk chocolate balls wrapped in orange foil (with faces) to resemble mini pumpkins in 8-ounce bags at $4.