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go to wrack and ruin

To fall into severe or total decay, degradation, or ruination, as from disuse or lack of upkeep. ("Wrack," a now-archaic word meaning wreckage or destruction, is also often spelled "rack.") It greatly pains me that my grandfather's estate has been left to go to wrack and ruin. If only we'd been able to afford for someone to look after it all these years. The neighbor's property has really gone to wrack and ruin lately. I'm thinking about filing a complaint with the neighborhood association!
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wrack and ruin

Cliché complete destruction or ruin. They went back after the fire and saw the wrack and ruin that used to be their house. Drinking brought him nothing but wrack and ruin.
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rack and ruin, go to

Also, go to wrack and ruin. Become decayed, decline or fall apart, as in After the founder's death the business went to rack and ruin. These expressions are emphatic redundancies, since rack and wrack (which are actually variants of the same word) mean "destruction" or "ruin." [Mid-1500s]
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wrack (one's) brains

To try hard to remember or think of something.
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As a landlocked parcel, the Royal Realty Trust property wasn't imminently threatened by development; however, the high quality habitat and proximity to other reservations makes Wrack Meadow Woods makes an attractive addition to SVT's holdings," the release states.
Hurdle racing was so unimportant, and offered so few worthwhile prizes, that talented jumpers were usually sent over fences as soon as possible unless, like Wrack, they were entires.
Paul Merson's own Arsenal and England career was derailed by demons offering unlimited lager and punts on useless nags - yet Wrack still did not get the message.
I've not met him since then," said Wrack, who only now believes he is approaching full fitness after the injury.
A high resolution photograph of Matt Wrack is available to the media free of charge via the PA Photowire or visit www.
Darren Wrack acknowledges the applause on his testimonial evening.
But Wrack, later booked himself for upending Fuseini, admits he's lucky to be able to think about the rematch after coming off worst following a studs-up challenge by the 19-year-old.
Wrack is the star of a Walsall DVD produced to commemorate his testimonial season at the Banks's Stadium.
Wrack capitalised on some sloppy marking to finish nine minutes from time after latching on to Mark Bradley's miscued shot.
Andy Gilchrist failed in his bid to be re-elected general secretary of the Fire Brigades Union, losing heavily to left-wing challenger Matt Wrack.
But 30 minutes later on-loan man Chris Baird hit the woodwork, and 27-year-old Wrack was on hand to ram home.
Just four days before a game against Plymouth will make or break his side's play-off hopes, Wolves manager Mick McCarthy paid Wrack the tribute of fielding a strong side with orders to apply themselves properly.
Walsall midfielder Darren Wrack will celebrate ten years as a Saddler at the Banks's Stadium tonight when he runs out for his testimonial game against a strong Wolverhampton Wanderers side, and the 31-year-old is hoping it won't be his last.
LOYAL servant Darren Wrack has set his standards by warning that his testimonial season will be all about promoting Walsall again - rather than himself.