wouldn't be caught dead

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wouldn't be caught/seen dead

if someone wouldn't be seen dead in a particular place or doing a particular thing, they would never do it, usually because it would be too embarrassing (often + adv/prep ) John's dad won't go to the christening, he wouldn't be seen dead in a church. (often + doing sth) Chris wouldn't be seen dead driving a Lada.
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Up until that time, the ones with money wouldn't be caught dead with us.
Used to be you wouldn't be caught dead looking like this.
Groucho Marx's favorite was, "I hate hearses; I wouldn't be caught dead in one.
At the time, yeah, but now I wouldn't be caught dead there.
Schwarzenegger might say ``Total Recall,'' but he wouldn't be caught dead saying something like ``when in the course of human events.
Nonetheless, few hard-core music fans have that album, but wouldn't be caught dead without a copy of her earlier recording ``Blue'').