wouldn't know

(I) wouldn't know.

There is no way that I would know the answer to that question. John: When will the flight from Miami get in? Jane: Sorry, I wouldn't know. Bob: Are there many fish in the Amazon River? Mary: Gee, I wouldn't know.
See also: know
References in classic literature ?
If he was crazy, he wouldn't know, and I wouldn't know his mind either, and I wouldn't be that one jump ahead of him, and he'd get me and mess the whole cage up with my insides.
Jake was going to play deef and dumb here, so the neighbors wouldn't know his voice.
Besides, the planter insisted that Roxy wouldn't know where she was, at first, and that by the time she found out she would already have been contented.
As for the second, he's only half-witted, and if he was better off he wouldn't know it.
If he did speak, you wouldn't know what to say, but would cry or blush, or let him have his own way, instead of giving a good, decided no.
I wouldn't know how to reach the mainland myself, an' know that none o' the other fellows would, so's you're the only one that knows anything of navigation you're the fellow I'll tie to.
But, sure, you wouldn't know what that is, acushla, nor what it may mean to the likes of me.
We wouldn't know one from the other, and one of our rival's might slip in.
I always think of you when I'm writing, Katharine, even when it's the sort of thing you wouldn't know about.
Medlock told me I'd have to be careful or you wouldn't know what I was sayin'.
Your own mother wouldn't know you like that--much less your sweetheart.
It isn't only the decanters, but the liquor looks the same in both, and tastes so you wouldn't know the difference till you woke up in your tracks.
If he asked me what I had been after, as he had the right to do, I wouldn't know what to answer that wouldn't make me look silly if no worse.
Wilson, it is so bold, and this tavern is so near, that they will never think of it; they will look for me on ahead, and you yourself wouldn't know me.
I ain't getting any younger, but you wouldn't know.
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