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Ewing has promised investors the right to recommend new signings, name the club and even decide on the colour of the team strip, patronising drivel for which you wouldn't give tuppence, never mind 25 quid.
I wouldn't give tuppence for some of the soggy, cold chips they dish up today.
But many Hotline callers wouldn't give tuppence for the performances of the Scottish champions at the sharpest end of European competition.
You wouldn't give tuppence ha'penny for the nick of the Calvin Kleins sported by his Falkirk namesake at Ibrox last night after this League Cup drubbing.
The scoreboard in Cardiff was dominated by Welsh full-back Leigh Halfpenny, who scored 22 points, and now you wouldn't give tuppence for the Scots competing for anything other than the wooden spoon in the championship - again.
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