wouldn't be caught dead (doing something)

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wouldn't be caught dead (doing something)

Would never (do the thing being discussed). I wouldn't be caught dead wearing that shirt. You can burn it for all I care. She had always said she wouldn't be caught dead working for that company, but I guess everyone has their price.
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caught dead, wouldn't be

Also, wouldn't be seen dead. Would have nothing to do with, detest, as in I wouldn't be caught dead in that outfit, or He'd not be seen dead drinking a cheap wine. This hyperbole is always put negatively. [Colloquial; first half of 1900s]
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somebody wouldn’t be seen/caught ˈdead...

(spoken) used to say that you would not do a particular thing because you would feel stupid or embarrassed: I wouldn’t be seen dead in a hat like that.She wouldn’t be caught dead in a place like this.
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At the time, yeah, but now I wouldn't be caught dead there.
Schwarzenegger might say ``Total Recall,'' but he wouldn't be caught dead saying something like ``when in the course of human events.
Nonetheless, few hard-core music fans have that album, but wouldn't be caught dead without a copy of her earlier recording ``Blue'').
Not when most of your teen-age girlfriends say they wouldn't be caught dead selling cookies outside a market in a Girl Scout uniform because they'd be too embarrassed, Carmen says.
Navy EP-3 Orions, and like all real spy craft they are something James Bond wouldn't be caught dead flying in.
Immigrants, both legal and illegal, do the dirty work that most Americans wouldn't be caught dead doing.