worry about

worry about someone or something

to fret or be anxious about the welfare of someone or something. Please don't worry about me. I'll be all right. Don't worry about the bill. I'll pay it.
See also: worry
References in classic literature ?
It isn't the thing itself I worry about," Sir Alfred said thoughtfully,--"they'll never decode that message.
Don't worry about that,' replied the girl, 'for I've thought it all over, and have settled on a plan which will make us each able to bear with the other
Then she tripped back to them with sparkling eyes and smiling cheeks, having regained her usual happy mood and forgotten all her worry about being lost.
A person may even worry about climbing a ladder," said the Chief Minister.
I'm in my last year of college and I think it's right that people worry about my not having a plan after graduation.
The average level of worry about walking alone at night since 1965 is 38%.
In a nationally representative sample of Americans, feelings of worry about skin cancer predicted sunscreen use.
Seventy percent of Americans worry, at least sometimes, about the possibility of a break-in while away from their homes and 31 percent worry about who has access to their home.
16 for girls, 37% of boys worry about money, compared with 30% of girls.
worry about worry) is activated when worry becomes excessive, promoting negative metabeliefs about worry.
As Benjamin Franklin had said very rightly, "Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen.
Do you sit at work, looking at this loathsome pile of problems that have wormed their way onto your desk and say to yourself, I will not worry about them, I shall be happy, so what if the world is falling about my ears and trouble is doing the two step outside my door, I shall go singing in the rain.
Examples of items are "My worries overwhelm me" and "I know I should not worry about things, but I just cannot help it.
Dear Coleen, I'M 12 and I worry about everything and anything.
It may be that introverts, as posited by Jung (1921), are more focused on their inner worlds and thus worry about issues that are relevant to the self (i.