worried sick

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worried sick

Very concerned or anxious about a person or situation. The next time you're going to be this late getting home, please call me, because I was worried sick! Your father is worried sick about what this merger will mean for his job.
See also: sick, worry

worried sick (about someone or something)

very worried or anxious about someone or something. Oh, thank heavens you are all right. We were worried sick about you!
See also: sick, worry

worried sick

Also, worried to death. Extremely anxious, as in Her parents were worried sick when she didn't come home all night, or We've been worried to death about the drop in the stock market. These somewhat hyperbolic phrases (one could conceivably feel ill from worrying but would hardly die from it) date from the second half of the 1800s.
See also: sick, worry

worried sick

so anxious as to make yourself ill.
See also: sick, worry

be worried ˈsick


be sick with ˈworry

be extremely worried: Where have you been? I’ve been worried sick about you.
See also: sick, worry
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Grandmother Lesley Garley said: 'I am just worried sick really.
She said: "It's totally out of character and we are worried sick.
The ex-wife of Roxy Music singer Ferry, 62, said: "I'm worried sick about Otis in prison without a clean shirts or socks.
Yet I lived in fear of my life and was worried sick he would kill me and my family.
He said: "Many pensioners in their 80s have never had a bank account and are worried sick by the change.
I have now booked her in for the injection, although I confess I am worried sick in case something goes wrong.
Confusion and uncertainty over the new Child Tax Credit scheme is making thousands of families worried sick about money.
In this day and age I would be worried sick if my child was late coming home.
They are worried sick about their huge mortgages, negative equity and what's happening at work.
We are still worried sick about Amy but now there may be a chance to break the Svengali-like hold Blake has over her.
I'm half worried sick and half tempted to think that I'm no worse than other people, so why worry?
Karen Cunliffe,a mother of one of the pupils there, said: ``Parents are worried sick.
I AM worried sick about my 18-year-old daughter who has gone on holiday to Benidorm with nine of her girlfriends.
Sort out this miserable mess - Confusion and uncertainty over the new Child Tax Credit scheme is making thousands of families worried sick about money.
She said: "I'm worried sick that I could end up in prison because of this - and I've got three children to look after.