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wear rose-colored glasses

To assume an unduly optimistic and cheerful attitude (toward something); to focus solely or primarily on the positive aspects (of something). Primarily heard in US. Many of us wear rose-colored glasses when we think back to our childhoods. It's part of the reason nostalgia is such a powerful emotional draw. I find it a little irksome how you always wear rose-colored glasses, even in the worst of times!
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wear too many hats

business slang To hold too many responsibilities or assume too many roles at the same time. One of the pitfalls many entrepreneurs fall into when setting up a new company is to wear too many hats, which not only spreads themselves very thin, but ends up being counterproductive to the operation as a whole.
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wear (one's) fingers to the bone

To work excessively hard. Likened to literally wearing the skin off of one's hands. I have worn my fingers to the bone renovating this house, and I'm glad to say that it has all been worth it. You have everyone wearing their fingers to the bone. You need to give them a break or they'll burn out.
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swear out

Obtain a warrant for arrest by making a charge under oath, as in The school principal swore out a warrant for the arrest of the vandals. [Late 1800s]
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worn to a frazzle

In a state of nervous exhaustion, as in The very idea of moving again has us worn to a frazzle. This expression transfers frazzle, which means "a frayed edge," to one's feelings. [Late 1800s]
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be burnt, worn, etc. to a ˈfrazzle

(informal) be completely burnt/extremely tired: After working all weekend at the hospital, Deborah was worn to a frazzle.
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swear out

To obtain some warrant for arrest by making a charge under oath: The victims swore out a warrant against their attacker.
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When considering a sweater worn by good or bad people, they tended to use the symbolic model.
However, that memorable red chinoiserie dress worn by Kirsten Dunst got snagged by Star Wares in Agoura Hills.
Steering boxes on vehicles that are used mainly on uneven road surfaces must be changed at least once in their lifetime When this is done, the shock absorbers are normally found to be worn out, or at least, no longer in good condition.
Patent and Trademark Office to permit Upper Deck to obtain exclusivity with respect to game worn jersey cards, Upper Deck states in its press release that it has such exclusivity.
This striking necklace from Kenneth Lane's archives is similar to the one worn by Raquel Welch when she was a presenter at the Academy Awards.
Frank said that anyone wishing to make a request for approval of any other item to be worn on the uniform can go through the department's uniform committee.
Our main focus is on another issue that is much more applicable in daily driving -- worn tire performance," said Shu Ishibashi, Bridgestone/Firestone vice president of consumer tire marketing, speaking at an Automotive Press Association (APA) luncheon/news conference today in Detroit.
1 -- 5 -- color) Clockwise, from top left: Reese Witherspoon sports a heart pendant in ``Legally Blonde''; Madonna plays in plaid, a look also worn by Heather Matarazzo and Anne Hathaway in ``The Princess Diaries''; and actress LisaRaye unwinds with a rhinestone-covered bandanna from China Moon Rags.
The Trojans have not worn numbers on their sleeves for more than 30 years.
PharmChek sweat patches were worn by more than 350 individuals in two prisons and three supervised release programs in Michigan.
For spectacle wearers, that means contact lenses can now be worn as an adjunct to, not a replacement for, glasses.
Measuring the bushing diameter to see how much it has worn often requires that the tool be removed.
Battista: "Our number one job from a marketing standpoint is telling the story, and that means ensuring that the consumer understands the term 'performance apparel' is not just a generic term covering any and all clothing that could be worn in a sports setting.
As is true for most liturgical vestments, the alb evolved in the early church from the ordinary dress of people as well as from clothing worn by officials of the Roman empire.
HE WEARS: Brown and pink T-shirt, pounds 8, jeans worn as shorts, pounds 20, and shoes, pounds 18' Day on the pier.