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worldly desires

Desires for tangible things (such as wealth, property, or other material goods) or for pleasures of the body (such as sexual activity, gluttony, or other hedonistic pursuits). Buddhism teaches us to try to let go of our worldly desires, freeing our minds and bodies for a state of enlightenment. Because our worldly desires are a reflection of our sins, we should shun them if we wish to receive God's light.
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worldly wisdom

Knowledge gained from experience and everyday life. My dad never finished college, but he has much more worldly wisdom than I do, as a perpetual student.
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Thinking about worldliness in this way does not illuminate why concepts of matter are important as part of academic or political discourse.
5), but the lower score by the older students may reflect greater exposure and comfort with the English language and perhaps more worldliness and experience.
Intellectual, oppositional, Palestine, imperialism, exile, and worldliness are all words and terms that have been changed and charged through their specific inflections in the Saidian lexicon.
There are many characteristics about the atmosphere and the just the other worldliness of this artifact.
Emerging out of tlle Nut (Light) movement founded by Said Nursi (1873-1960), Gulen sees Islam as "the 'middle way" of absolute balance--balance between materialism and spiritualism, between rationalism and mysticism, between worldliness and excessive asceticism, between this world and the next--and inclusive of the ways of all the previous prophets.
When a character with such spiritual ambitions is named after the Roman god of wine and celebration, one can't help but expect the author to take on the conflict between worldliness and spirituality as his main theme.
Light levels are also kept low, to enhance a sense of tranquillity and other worldliness and emphasize the quasi-religious nature of the modern spa experience.
The personal asceticism of the most influential new orders represented "a counter-example to the laxity and worldliness of established orders" (28).
Dinnerware, glassware and even frame manufacturers took to adorning their products with scenes from different countries or country-specific motifs, bringing a little bit of worldliness to the table.
If you were a smart young thing who wanted to express your hip worldliness, you carried a Mencken magazine under your arm, cover out.
It represents a worldliness that you don't get in more suburban areas," Mango explains.
In spite of his worldliness, his seemingly emotionless handling of every challenge that confronts him, Khaled is a needy child who can't admit to himself that Monique is gone.
I enjoyed my 46 years as a practitioner and would hope that the accounting student of today is well aware of the additional demands in education and worldliness that the twenty-first century requires of tomorrow's CPA.
29] The roots of such Christian spiritualizing goes all the way back to the church fathers who set forth Christian doctrine in opposition to Israel's supposed materialism, interpreted as the embrace of sensuality and worldliness.
In an article for the Age, as well as in his chapter in Why Universities Matter, Gaita takes a less-than-favourable attitude to the moments when knowledge becomes contaminated with worldliness.