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a lot of something; everything possible. (The works can be a lot of food, good treatment, bad treatment, etc. *Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) Bill: Shall we order a snack or a big meal? Jane: I'm hungry. Let's get the works. But, your honor. I shouldn't get the works. I only drove too fast!
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However, when prompted to think about these works in the context of "An Aside," you had to ask again why Dean was drawn to them.
This insurance must be in place before the tenant moves in and before the tenant engages in any renovation work.
Social Change: moving towards the longer-term elevation of need through the production of public works.
Office or non-manual work directly related to management policies or general business operations of the employer or its customers;
Having good relationships at work was so important to Greta and other women that they put up with low status and unprofessional treatment in order to maintain peace.
He ant ho red 11 volumes of poetry and numerous other works, including America's Steadfast Dream, a compilation of his essays that appeared in American Opinion magazine (a forerunner of THE NEW AMERICAN).
Within such an ideology, femininity had to serve as a counterpoint to the male breadwinner: if work defined the gender and class identity of men, maternity did so for working class women.
Powers, a freelance consultant and author of How to Start a Freelance Consulting Business: Put Your Valuable Experience to Work for Yourself (Avon Books, $12.
The first is to provide readers involved in transferring social work knowledge to developing countries with an analytical tool--Bernstein's theory--that may help them to understand the politics of indigenization in the local arena.
Financial difficulties as a result of being unable to work, and protracted involvement with insurance companies, litigation, and the Workers' Compensation Board can be ongoing cumulative sources of stress.
In addition, the Social Security Administration funds organizations in every state to assist beneficiaries in making choices about work (see the Social Security service providers list at the end of this article).
Local union leaders who have been frustrated about how to reach workers who do not have access to e-mail and the Web at home or at work could spread information to workers on how to use their neighborhood library as a community technology center.
Ballet class, pointe work, partnering, some choreography.
Although different scholars have discussed various conceptualizations of work discrimination and coping strategies, a comprehensive conceptual framework that provides an integrative perspective is lacking.
Most of a company's Internet resources are used for work-related purposes, according to "The Internet's Impact on Business Productivity and Individual Work Habits," a study commissioned by MCI Worldcom and conducted by market research consultant Socratic Technologies.