work with

work with someone or something

to manipulate or work on someone or something. Let me work with him for a while. I'll convince him. I want to work with this engine and see if I can get it started.
See also: work

work with something

to do work with some tool or instrument. She is working with a chisel now. In a minute she will switch to a tiny knife. Do you know how to work with a voltmeter?
See also: work
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These workers bring an increased number of ailments that they'll continue to work with, and employers are putting more emphasis on wellness programs and disease management.
I'm thinking here neither of the activities of Fred Wilson, Renee Green, and Mark Dion, who tend to work with historical objects outside of art museums, nor of the activities of artists like Jeremy Deller, who organize events as curators might, but rather of projects where the artist is more straightforwardly the curator of artworks.
Much of the inspiration for this book comes from Megill's work with the U.
Understanding the relationship between stress and distress can allow vocational personnel to work with consumers in finding positions that maximize productivity and minimize the experience of distress (Steinfeld & Danford, 1999).
Retirees who want to balance future work with family responsibilities frequently look for part-time work as one element of the environment dimensions in their career plans.
Most of us who aren't desperately fighting for life right now might have some ability to work with some of our time.
Social work, steeped in individualism, has fewer theoretical or practical insights into how to work with people who are strongly collectivist.
Students then work with their community partner to turn their ideas into a specified action plan.
He was known for his work with foundry sand control.
The Administration is also finalizing plans to work with independent living centers to start testing in four sites a model to help consumers purchase "durable medical equipment," such as wheelchairs.
But, since 1994, and then much more rapidly beginning in 1996 - coinciding with the national wave of welfare reform legislation and policies at the state level that connected the obligation to work with welfare; caseloads have been crashing through the floor.
plane, where the librarian puts his heart and life into his work with as
That can work with duties that aren't time-sensitive but not when something has a deadline.
I had an employee, a management person, assigned to work with me eight hours a day, five days a week, who was told he was there solely to work on me, to change my ideas about unions.
In organic systems, specific demands on the individual disappear and are replaced by a need to work with others.