perform miracles

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perform/work miracles

to be extremely effective in improving a situation Di's worked miracles in the kitchen - I've never seen it look so clean. These days plastic surgeons can perform miracles.
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References in classic literature ?
Nearly all hermits and holy men who live apart from the big cities have the reputation of being able to work miracles with the wild things, but all the miracle lies in keeping still, in never making a hasty movement, and, for a long time, at least, in never looking directly at a visitor.
The air wasn't bad, after all; the people were very good sort of people--civil to you if you were civil to them, after the first brush; and they didn't expect to work miracles, and convert them all off-hand into model Christians.
Very good," said D'Artagnan; "here indeed are true believers; it is a pleasure to work miracles before them; they are not like that unbelieving Porthos, who must see and touch before he will believe.
NIGEL DE JONG has told Manchester United that Louis van Gaal cannot be expected to work miracles.
Holland midfielder Nigel de Jong has told United that Van Gaal cannot be expected to work miracles.
The Englishman is hoping to draw on the miracle of Medinah when he tees off at this week's BMW Championship acciesfc Jesus will take squad number 24 Hamilton Accies are hoping their new signing can work miracles serenawilliams Thank you all for your support.
The Man Who Could Work Miracles was a short story by which English writer?
Wearing natural fibres, such as cotton, will take perspiration away from your skin and help disperse odours, while using antiperspirant deodorant can work miracles.
In the current economic climate we cannot work miracles.
Still, surgery can work miracles these days, so look out for a post-op Mary on the Jeremy Kyle Show soon.
An 11th place finish looks to be succeeded by rock-bottom relegation, unless Worcester can work miracles during today's win-or-bust trip to Leeds Carnegie.
Call now to hear how doing your job properly can work miracles.
Reports said yesterday the publicity given to the looting had perhaps urged the thieves to get rid of the icon which is believed to work miracles.
While I find it a commendable effort on Obama's part to visit Israel, I don't think it will work miracles in terms of votes.
They seemed to think he could work miracles for the team, which he did on many occasions.