work into

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work someone or something into something

 and work someone or something in 
1. to manage to fit someone or something into something physically. The magician worked the lady into the tiny cabinet from which she was to disappear. The magician opened the little box and worked in the lady and two small dogs.
2. . to fit someone or something into a sequence or series. I don't have an appointment open this afternoon, but I'll see if I can work you into the sequence. I can't work in all of you.
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work something into something

 and work something in
to press, mix, or force a substance into something. You should work the butter into the dough carefully. Work in the butter carefully.
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work into

1. To insert or introduce someone or something into something by repeated, continuous, or applied effort: The thief worked the pick into the lock. The chef slowly worked the flour into the batter. The speaker worked a mention of her latest book into her speech.
2. To make time available for something or someone in something, such as a busy schedule: The student worked a few field trips into the semester's calendar.
3. To manipulate something into some particular condition through repeated, continuous, or applied effort: I rubbed my hands together and worked the soap into a lather.
4. To excite or provoke someone or something into some mental state: Their constant shouting slowly worked me into a fuming rage.
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