work for

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work for someone

1. to be employed by someone. She works for Scott Wallace. Who do you work for?
2. . to work as a substitute for someone. I will work for you while you are having your baby. Right now, I am working for Julie, who is out sick.
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work for something

1. to work for a group, company, etc. Everyone at the picnic works for the same employer. We work for the telephone company.
2. . to work for a certain amount of money. She says she works for a very good wage. I won't work for that kind of pay.
3. to work for an intangible benefit, such as satisfaction, glory, honor, etc. The pay isn't very good. I just work for the fun of it. Sam says he works for the joy of working.
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work for

1. To be employed by or work on behalf of someone or some organization: I've worked for the government for the past ten years. I started my own company, so now I work for myself.
2. To provide labor in exchange for something: The traveler didn't want any money; he said he would work for food.
3. To work on behalf of some cause: Our organization works for the humane treatment of animals.
4. To function or operate correctly when used by someone: The VCR always seems to work for me, but whenever someone else tries it, it freezes up. They should stick with the same strategy, because it worked for them last year.
5. To function or operate correctly when used for some purpose: The bug spray only works for mosquitoes.
6. To meet the requirements of someone; fit someone: Unless it has three bedrooms, I don't think the house will work for us. Can we find a restaurant that works for all of us?
7. To be appropriate for someone; befit someone: I'm not sure that color works for you.
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Aboriginal women did domestic work for white settler families.
Baumgarten and Dean noticed an affinity between some of his photographs and Richter's paintings of the time, so Dean tried to track the paintings down as the next work for her show.
There has been a continuity in the expectation of paid work for men, with the result being that women have tended to experience more guilt, stress, and conflict by virtue of choosing to add work to their family responsibilities.
Although this combination of DCS factors may work for an individual that desires employment with high demands, low control, and low support, for others this is a formula for burnout, which is associated with decreased job satisfaction and difficulties with job maintenance (Schalock et al.
Often times in the field, fire fighters work for a period of time, exit the burning building, recover, and then reenter the building to work again.
As long as the retiree continues to work for other people (either for pay or in a voluntary capacity), satisfactoriness continues to play a role in work adjustment.
The more skilled we become as workers, the more likely we are to work for employers that are able to make these kinds of accommodations.
Ultimately, we advocate a more locally responsive, culturally appropriate model of professional intervention; an ongoing evolution of social work theory and methods that is neither Northern nor merely a modest adaptation of Northern social work, but rather an integration with local practices and norms, creating a more culturally competent model of social work for the Arab Muslim world.
The Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) essentially bans CTO for nonexempt employees who do not work for the government, although in some cases the FLSA permits CTO accrual and use within a two-week period.
But across the income spectrum, women still prefer paid work for several reasons: to have money of their own, to maintain social contact with co-workers, and to have a sense of their place in the world.
I'd like to invite the characters from Dilbert to try practicing the spirituality of work for a while.
A knowledge that for the organic life of the world certain unpleasant work must be done, and a consecration to that work for the good of man and the glory of God, will alone bring integrity into some of the world's drudgery.
More to the point, who would want to work for a company that adopts a Big Brother mentality?
Powers, a freelance consultant and author of How to Start a Freelance Consulting Business: Put Your Valuable Experience to Work for Yourself (Avon Books, $12.
I was at work and answering calls and yet I could still change his diapers and feed him and show him off during lunch,'' said Jo Anna Durbin, a secretary to one of the senior partners, who has brought all three of her children to work for the six-month period, including her youngest, 6- month-old Timothy.