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Engineers expect to radio Magellan instructions to work around the failed component, and Spear says the only loss will be 1,000 words of reserve capacity from the computer's 34,000-word memory.
Therefore we are urging our customers to conserve energy and to exercise patience and understanding as our crews work around the clock to restore service.
Green was more than willing to work around Bawden's schedule.
Some vendors are trying to work around this difficulty by offering more vertically-integrated base station semiconductor product lines, but, Wilson observes, "it's a tough sell because of the small size of this extremely competitive market.
The platform has numerous fixed hydrogen sulfide detectors and all personnel have training and equipment to safely work around H2S.
In our work around the country, we are finding that demand for estates like these that cater to equestrian interests is at an all time high.
Their size intimidates a lot of people but they're great to work around,'' said driver and handler Dan McNally.
Carl Van Dyke, founder and president of MultiModal Applied Systems, noted: "Mercer is a good fit for us because it provides a truly global reach, a strong brand across the industry, an opportunity to accelerate the expansion of our work around the world, and the resources to address emerging issues in the transport sector.
Desert Song Music Festival will raise money for Project Hope, a Virginia- based health education and humanitarian organization that does work around the world.
Hundreds of Cellular South employees continue to work around the clock in the field and in permanent and temporary retail locations to help restore service and provide assistance to victims and evacuees.
I've always been impressed with people who, when you ask them to do something, know more than just the basics of their job and they know how to work around limitations or obstacles and get things done.
The business integration model depends on having a full set of capabilities that work around business optimization and practical deployment of transaction messaging systems that work.
Another commonly cited reason for the use of daylight-saving time is so there is more usable light in the afternoons and evenings of the summertime, presumably so that farmers can work outside longer, and so that city dwellers can work around the house longer without consuming electricity.
We've launched the JBoss Open Source Federation to directly stimulate and support work around open, standards-based middleware," said Bob Bickel, vice president of corporate strategy and development, JBoss, Inc.
That really rubs off on our other employees, so it's a blessing to work around them.