work around

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work around (someone or something)

To manage or be forced to accomplish or achieve something in spite of or while avoiding some problematic person or thing. We've come to the conclusion that we just have to work around our boss's bad advice if we ever want to get anything done in the office. The main problem with having a home office is having to work around my rambunctious young children. It's not ideal, but we'll find a way to work around your absence next week.
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work around someone or something

to manage to do one's work while avoiding someone or something. He is being a problem, but he will have to leave pretty soon. You'II just have to work around him for now. You have to work around the piano. It is too heavy to move.
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work around

1. To wrap or pass something around something by repeated, continuous, or applied effort: The knitter worked some decorative stitching around the edge of the sleeve.
2. To achieve a goal in such a way as to avoid some difficulty: Can we work around the problem, or do we have to solve it?
See also: around, work
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Main features: the consultation relates to reclamation work around books on heritage wastewater stormwater and drinking water
We were able to work around this challenge and complete the transaction without requiring any changes to the ground lease.
Green was more than willing to work around Bawden's schedule.
But the study also identified the need for more detailed geophysical and delineation work around the site.
Both Yamamoto and Sims elaborate their work around a certain absence.
Engineers expect to radio Magellan instructions to work around the failed component, and Spear says the only loss will be 1,000 words of reserve capacity from the computer's 34,000-word memory.
Quarter valves- Work around the interconnection to the existing water lines- Introduction of water plugs in buildings- The establishment of approximately 1000 meters D160 sprinklerledning in soil incl.
The developers will also have to work around some preservation issue, including saving as much of the original design as possible.
The platform has numerous fixed hydrogen sulfide detectors and all personnel have training and equipment to safely work around H2S.
The work includes major maintenance and partial replacement of inhibition and led work around the bridge.
Their size intimidates a lot of people but they're great to work around,'' said driver and handler Dan McNally.
Phase Two of the building's upgrade--set to begin shortly--will include renovation work around the first-floor retail properties.