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1. A message from someone or something. Oh, Diana is fine—I just got word that she landed in New York.
2. slang An expression of affirmation. A: "That concert was amazing!" B: "Word."

*word (from someone or something)

messages or communication from someone or something. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; hear ~; receive ~.) We have just received word from Perry that the contract has been signed.


1. and Word up. interj. Correct.; Right. I hear you, man. Word.
2. interj. Hello. (see also What’s the (good) word?.) Word. What’s new? A: Word. B: Word.
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I entreat the attention of the jury to the wording of this document--"Apartments furnished for a single gentleman"
Moreover, unless the wording of an indexed portion of some text-often the title or abstract-is restricted to terms in a thesaurus, an indexer might employ words that a later searcher wouldn't think to use.
This scope is to be respected in his actual words, not conjectured or guessed in some more or less plausible English wording.
Consider the respected psychiatrist who resigned last year as head of a major psychiatric hospital amid accusations of one of his published papers contained paragraphs with wording identical to that in another researcher's previously published report on the same subject.
In view of these documentary fine points, and considering the harmful invitation to so many Catholic ears by the feminist wordings and changes in the Word of God in this lectionary, it is to be hoped that the Catholic Church will soon be granted a new lectionary in English, using a Bible version that follows faithfully the six Norms.