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sell woof tickets

To threaten or try to intimidate someone with threats of violence or menacing, boastful words. There's this guy in the bar, drunk off his head, going around selling woof tickets to anyone who'll listen. He's going to get himself knocked out if he's not careful. If he tries to sell you woof tickets, don't rise to it—I know for a fact that he carries a knife and would be all too happy to put it to use.
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warp and woof

The underlying structure or foundation of something, as in He foresaw great changes in the warp and woof of the nation's economy. This expression, used figuratively since the second half of the 1500s, alludes to the threads that run lengthwise ( warp) and crosswise ( woof) in a woven fabric.
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buy someone’s woof ticket

tv. to challenge someone’s boast or taunt. (Also spelled wolf.) He’s such a fighter. He’ll buy anybody’s woof ticket.
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sell a woof ticket

and sell woof tickets
tv. to boast, bluff, or lie. (Originally black. Also spelled wolf. Compare this with buy someone’s woof ticket.) Freddie is out selling woof tickets again.
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sell woof tickets

See also: sell, ticket, woof


1. in. to boast; to sell a woof ticket; to chatter. (Black.) They’re just woofing. Ignore them.
2. in. to vomit. (Onomatopoetic.) Somebody woofed on our driveway.

woof cookies

tv. to vomit. Waldo had to woof cookies in the bushes.
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