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something nasty in the woodshed

a shocking or distasteful thing kept secret. British informal
This expression is taken from Stella Gibbons 's comic novel Cold Comfort Farm ( 1933 ), in which Aunt Ada Doom's dominance over her family is maintained by constant references to her having seen something nasty in the woodshed in her youth. The details of the experience are never explained.

take someone to the woodshed

reprove or punish someone, especially discreetly. US informal, dated
This expression referred to the former practice of taking a naughty child to a woodshed to be punished, out of sight of other people.
See also: take, woodshed

take (someone) to the woodshed

To reprimand or punish (someone).
See also: take, woodshed

trip to the woodshed

An instance of being reprimanded or punished.
See also: trip, woodshed
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We expected that mills located in areas with higher population densities and higher proportions of urbanized land would have larger woodsheds because they would need to range farther for wood to compensate for a smaller timberland base.
If urbanization negatively affects the flow of sawlogs to sawmills, there may be several reasons why sawmills in more heavily urbanized areas do not appear to have larger woodsheds than their counterparts in rural areas.
Higher percent canopy appears linked to larger, not smaller, woodsheds.
State and federal lands in this region average 84 and 81 percent canopy cover, respectively, compared with the mean of 66 percent for all woodsheds and a mean of 71 percent within the boundary of the Northern Forest.
A high density of transportation infrastructure is typically associated with smaller woodsheds because of improved timber access (Harouff et al.
Now I know you're wondering how a cat can woodshed without his axe?
They're products of the woodshed, a part of one's signature and style.
said he didn't mean all them things he'd promised in the woodshed.
Once |round about midnight, in that steaming woodshed, he played so sweetly that he even moved Baron Cemetery.
2) The director, cast, and composer conspire to create a woodshed that sheds light on both the artist's struggle and the community's struggle in a graceful, "Birdlike" manner.
Examining the relative importance of different sources of logs within these woodsheds, stumpage, roadside and gatewood are the dominant log sources for most mills (Table 4).
However, as woodsheds expand, the increased costs of wood procurement may limit the size of firms by offsetting decreases in production and distribution costs attributable to economies of size (Bressler and King 1970, Luppold 1995b).
Though there is some debate over the true condition of the hardwood sawlog resource (Luppold and Dempsey 1996), the observed responses would be expected if roundwood sources within respondent woodsheds have been degraded by exploitative practices, or have become limited due to changes in forest ownership and use.
If the sawlog resource is actually in decline in the majority of woodsheds across the study region, long-term competitiveness may be at risk.
In addition to the open-ended, quantitative responses, respondents were asked to offer their perceptions of changes in log supply within their woodshed since 1994, the year of release of the recommendations of the Northern Forest Lands Council (NFLC 1994), which offered comprehensive recommendations regarding forest management and policy across the study region.